Sunday, 5 December 2010

Face Painting

I painted faces at Nash Mills School Christmas Fair yesterday. I didn't look up for 3 hours and have no idea how many faces I did - but I do remember I was asked for many and varied faces. From the timesless classics of snow queen, butterfly and tiger to the more challenging dolphin paradise and 'I want to be a policeman'. I suggested that the little boy could be a robber instead but he insisted I knew how to do a policeman and he was right - the customer is always right! To the untrained eye he may have looked like a clown with stubble but to him he was a policeman! This is why I enjoy face painting. Forget the no-time-to-breathe and back ache. I'm after the 'mirror moment' A child has come keen to be transformed and wait for ages sometimes in the queue. They sit with hands clenched in anticipation and screwed up faces while parents watch intently (are they checking they'll get their money's worth?) until I finally lift the mirror so they can see what they look like. I love it when the little slightly anxious face breaks into a grin as they recognise their new persona. (i quite like it when the parents smile too1)

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