Saturday, 19 January 2013

Monkey Cinnamon Bread

day 19 delicious cinnamon monkey bread.jpgMonkey bread / cinnamon pull-apart bread
This is not a quick-make!!
Make the dough (I use a bread machine):
or you might choose to get Mr Pillsbury to make yours for you
·        360ml  / 1 ½ cups           warm water
·        2                                     egg yolks
·        2 tbsp                             melted butter
·        2 tbsp                             salt
·        600g / 3 ¾ cups              Strong white flour (bread flour)
·        2 tsp                               easy bake yeast (dried yeast)
1.      Put the ingredients in to your pan in the order your machine manufacturer suggests (mine go in the order listed).
2.      Use the ‘dough’ programme
3.      Knead it for 5 mins ( I used to skip this but it does make the dough lighter in the end)
4.      leave to rise for 30 mins in a bowl covered in cling film
Putting it all together…
These quantities are approximate as I guess a lot of the time:
·        I tbsp                 cinnamon
·        I cup / 200g       soft brown sugar
·        ¾ cup / 175g     melted butter
·        ½ cup / 50g       icing sugar
(for non UK people I think you call it confectioner’s sugar, it’s a very fine powdery sugar)
1.      Mix the melted butter, cinnamon and sugar
2.      Separate it into 16 and then quarter all of those
3.      Coat all the balls in the buttery, sugary, cinnamon loveliness (it’s messy and takes time but it’s worth it, having a glass of wine next to you and your favourite music playing helps too).
4.      Butter your baking tin – I used an 8 inch square silicone pan  
5.      Arrange your dough balls in two layers.
6.      If you have made your own dough, leave to rise for 30mins until they have doubled in size
7.      Pop them in a pre-heated oven for about 25mins (I take them out when they small right and look right)
8.      Let it cool for a few minutes and turn out onto a serving plate
9.      Drizzle water icing over it – mix icing sugar with a small amount of water
1.   You tear it apart to eat it and don’t worry about the calories

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